Build Graph for Xcode

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App sample that presents Build graph of the Dodo Pizza's app

The essential tool to analyze compilation time of multi-modules app



Find out long tasks and strange places: thin waterfall of tasks, blocking tasks, slow assets compilation and other types of problems

The app presents build graph in gant-style


Having detected strange modules you will be able check links to different modules to understand the behaviour of compilator

Modules linked and you can traverse dependencies


Choose necessary type of tasks to analyze the behaviour

Every type of operations can be filtered and acounted


Check details of every module: what kind of task is performed, how long it takes to build

The app presents build graph in gant-style

Easy setup

Download, launch, give access to Derived Data. Ready to go!

Dark mode

Even on this site: switch the setting and enjoy

Articles about fast build

The core of fast compilation time is deviding an app to independent modules. But if you only start to learn compilation speed these articles can help you:

Other tools that can help

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